Like many animal lovers, my love of Boxers began at a young age, mine began with a beautiful boy named Tyson. Tyson belonged to my brother Ramon. Witnessing Tyson and Ramon's bond was truly inspiring. Ramon was a strong and loving master to Tyson, he trained Tyson with a firm and loving tone and in turn Tyson quickly became a loyal and obedient dog with a wonderful temperament, especially around children and other dogs. 


 Tyson truly stole the heart of anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him and he and Ramon inspired me to make the commitment to not only welcome Boxers into my home and family but to take the time to love and train them to realize their potential as the proud, loyal and affectionate dogs they are born to be. Sadly Tyson passed away June 2009, we miss him every day and we honor his memory and his bond with Ramon by doing our part to spread the word about the beauty of his breed. 





  My sweet boy kassius klay Melendez "Kash" passed away in his sleep at outstanding 11 years of age. He was more than just a dog he was a family member. The way he looked at you and would come up to lay with you when you were upset, the way he protected the family when someone he wasn't sure about would come around, the way he gave you kisses when you told him you loved him. 


  He was loved by everyone that met him and he loved everyone that came around him. We loved the way he would wiggle when he would get excited and the way when you asked him if he wanted to go for a walk he would go to the door. Things won't be the same when we press the ice machine and you don't have those big brown eyes to look at you to give him a piece. 


  We love you Kash you grew up with the family and no other dog could ever replace you. You will always have a spot in our hearts and things won't be the same without you. Rest in puppy paradise Kash!